What happens when my mission is canceled?

A mission can be canceled by you or by our team for the following reasons.

Why my mission is canceled by Ferpection?

  1. If you send your feedback after the end of the test, your mission is canceled because you have not respected the deadline.
  2. We have returned your report more than 3 times to make corrections and you have not made any corrections or they are still not valid.
  3. You have booked the mission while you are not in the target presented in the mission description.

Is it possible for me to re-book a mission when it was canceled the first time?

No, for all the reasons explained above, once your mission is canceled, you can not access it anymore. But you can do any other mission. 

Do not hesitate to contact us at hello@ferpection.com if you have a question or problem with your mission.

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